Luke’s writing to the most excellent Theophilus is a two-volume set; of which, the first volume is the Gospel of Luke and second is the Book of Acts or the Acts of the Apostles. This volume focus on the ministries of Peter and Paul and the development of the church. This book starts in Jerusalem and ends in Rome as Jesus said to his disciples right before being taken up, “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). This Bible study will follow the Holy Spirit’s ministry and explore the uniqueness of the early church.

January 23
Read: Acts
Theme: Preparing for the Promised Spirit
Application: Waiting with patience.
January 30
Read: Acts 2
Theme: The Coming of the Holy Spirit: Pentecost
Application: Witnessing to others in His power.
February 5
Read: Acts 3
Theme: Peter and John Preaching in the Temple
Application: Being bold in your faith.
February 12
Read: Acts 4
Theme: Growing and Opposition
Application: Respond to the needs of the community.
February 19
Read: Acts 5
Theme: Setbacks and Victories
Application: Becoming more aware of worldwide persecution.
February 26
Read: Acts 6
Theme: The Church at Work
Application: Learning about the variety of ways you can serve in the church.
March 4
Read: Acts 7
Theme: Stephen’s Sermon and Persecution Intensifies
Application: Recognizing God’s presence and reflecting on our view of Jesus in personal struggles.
March 11
Read: Acts 8
Theme: The Preaching of Philip
Application: Being open to witness to persons who we don’t think will accept it.
March 18
Read: Acts 9
Theme: Saul’s Conversion
Application: Recognizing and repenting our selfish will against Christ.
March 25
Read: Acts 10
Theme: The Conversion of Cornelius
Application: Identifying and engaging with persons that we consider too “unclean.”
April 1
Read: Acts 11
Theme: New Territory: The Gospel Reaching the Gentiles
Application: Suggesting ways the church can partner with other churches and organizations in different cultural contexts.
April 8
Read: Acts 12
Theme: A Contrast of Power
Application: Recognizing God’s power in both the small and big things in life.
April 15
Read: Acts 13
Theme: The Spirit-led Church & Mission
Application: Recognizing the importance of the Spirit in our Christian walk.
April 22
Read: Acts 14
Theme: Continued Missionary Efforts
Application: Out of the box ways of being a missionary.
April 29
Read: Acts 15
Theme: The Jerusalem Council and Disagreements
Application: Relationship with God is about faith.
May 6
Read: Acts 16
Theme: Paul’s Second Missionary Journey: Greece
Application: God’s purpose for expanding the church.
May 13
Read: Acts 17
Theme: Preaching in Thessalonica, Berea and Athens
Application: The role of women in the expansion of the church.
May 20
Read: Acts 18
Theme: Paul’s Third Missionary Journey: Corinth and Beyond
Application: Ways to be an encourager and praying for leadership.
May 27
Read: Acts 19
Theme: The Continued Missionary Effort and Riot in Ephesus
Application: Recognizing the idols in our lives.
June 3
Read: Acts 20
Theme: Paul’s Pastoral Heart
Application: Empathizing for the pastor and church leadership.
June 10
Read: Acts 21
Theme: Paul’s journey to Jerusalem
Application: Extending hospitality and realizing that our faith story is a powerful witness.
June 17
Read: Acts 22
Theme: Paul’s Arrest and Defense
Application: Defending the faith.
June 24
Read: Acts 23
Theme: Paul Before the Sanhedrin
Application: Sharing God’s providential care in our lives to other people.
July 8
Read: Acts 24
Theme: Paul’s Trial Before Felix
Application: God’s justice for persons experiencing injustices.
July 15
Read: Acts 25
Theme: Paul’s Trial Before Festus
Application: Analyzing the objects of our hope.
July 22
Read: Acts 26
Theme: Paul’s Trial Before Agrippa
Application: Reflecting on God’s saving work in our lives.
July 29
Read: Acts 27
Theme: Paul’s Voyage to Rome
Application: Being an encourager in difficult times.
August 7
Read: Acts 28
Theme: Paul in Rome: The Message Continues
Application: Facing opposition through faith.

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