Strategic Plan Implementation Project Manager

The following statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They
are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required.

Under minimal supervision, the Strategic Plan Implementation Coordinator shall 1) support the mission and
vision of the church, adhere to the guidelines, policies and spiritual position of the church as stated in its
Constitution and By-Laws and Covenant, 2) ensure multiple cross-functional ministry’s meet strategic
planning-related timelines and deliverables effectively and efficiently, 3) determine project benchmarks, track,
monitor, measure and report progress and outcomes, 4) coordinate and facilitate communications with the
church leadership team and congregation and, 5) other duties as needed to fulfill the goals and objectives of
the strategic plan implementation.


Contact the church office with questions:

Audio Technician

DEPARTMENT: Worship & Arts Ministry
REPORTS TO: Worship & Arts Director
STATUS: Part-time
APPROVED BY: Reverend Valerie Henderson, Executive Pastor

Summary: Under general supervision from the Worship & Arts Director, the Audio Technician shall:

1) support the vision of both the church and the Audio Ministry

2) oversee all aspects of audio
ministry maintenance and growth

3) oversee live and digital audio during worship services and
special events in conjunction with the Worship & Arts Director.

Qualities and Spiritual Life
● Denotes a solid assurance of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ
● Exudes a regular prayer life
● Grounded in and able to articulate sound Biblical doctrine and theology
● Actively engaged in spiritual growth with a church
● Agrees with and supports SCBC’s Articles of Faith
● Exemplifies a life that reflects love for, delight in, and devotion to God, characterized by
walking in the Spirit
● Exhibits an ability to work effectively within a team to achieve the goals of the Audio Ministry
● Is faithful, available, and teachable and promotes the same for others
● Respects the ideas and contributions of others
● Implements workable solutions in unpredictable conditions

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
● Possesses strong leadership skills to include communication, organization and collaborative
● Has 3-5 years of experience as an audio engineer
● Is able to mix live and digital sound to provide quality audio on/in a variety of platforms
● Exhibits an ability to follow service cues and anticipate live audio needs
● Proficient in mixing software ex: DAW (digital audio workstation)

● Possession of computer and DAW software is preferable

Primary Duties
● Equipment management, inventory and upkeep
● Manage the Audio Ministry budget
○ Complete and submit an electronic budget request annually for the Audio Ministry
○ Oversee budgeted Audio Ministry expenditures
● Comply with personnel policies
● Read, sign, and adhere to the Child Protection Policy of SCBC
● Document and report [to the Student Pastor] accounts of all incidents which jeopardize the
safety, wellbeing, or spiritual connectedness of any child while at SCBC

● Partner with the Worship & Arts Director to produce worship experiences which encourage
praise and worship, uplift the name of God, and edify the body of Christ.
● Support the Worship & Arts Director as the point of contact during worship services
● Lead and give vision to the Audio Ministry Volunteers

Ministry Operation
● Manage audio for live worship and on digital platforms
● Mixing audio for live and digital settings and recordings as needed
● Organize and train audio team volunteers
● Schedule audio volunteer rotation and substitutes when applicable
● Run audio or schedule audio coverage for special events and rehearsals as appropriate

Community Outreach
● Encourage Audio Ministry members to create and/or engage in church-wide outreach
● Be present and active in community outreach ministries of the church

Personal Ministry Development
● Actively engage in spiritual growth
● Participate in continuing education events and ministry training